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About Rosie Kosinski, Brand Queen

Hello! I am Rosie, Founder of Shattered Pencil Studios, a brand design & development boutique. I straddle the line between creative and strategic, artistic and scientific. Raised by entrepreneurs and artists in a nomadic environment that took me through Europe, the Middle East and the United States,I am a global citizen through and through. I tap into this mosaic of perspectives to deeply understand the people I serve and to help them connect with the people they serve.

I recognize that the world of branding is a chaotic maze for many businesses, and I enjoy making sense of marketing nonsense. Dare I say, my clients find the process surprisingly delightful, and I have forged strong relationships with top-notch partners in order to solve the specific problems my clients face. On a personal level, I am addicted to learning – be it surfing, guitar, carpentry – and reading sci-fi, going on day-long hikes, and travelling near and far. I live in New Jersey with my husband, and we are in the process of adopting from the foster care system.

What makes Shattered Pencil Studios stand out?

Have you ever stopped to ask someone for directions on the street? Have any of them been so enthusiastic to help and instead of just pointing vaguely, they draw a map or even walk you part of the way? That’s me. I love guiding people to where they need to go, whether or not that destination involves my services. Should a client require branding or marketing designs, I do everything in my power to make that journey fruitful and enjoyable, and to deliver results through my designs and through my trusted partners in order to provide long-lasting and sustainable brands. 

Rosie Kosinski, Brand Queen and Founder of Shattered Pencil Studios

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