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About Rosie Kosinski, Brand Queen

As the Brand Queen, I help my clients define, align and design their vision. Most people come to me with some combination of the following angst: “I know what I want, but I don’t know what I want, but I know what I would want if I saw it.” So how do I help my clients transform an idea into a compelling brand? By:

  • Using strategic questioning techniques to define and clarify a brand’s mission
  • Researching the relevant audience to align the mission with what people are seeking
  • Bringing the brand to life through a collaborative design process

Personally: I grew up globally (England, the Middle East, etc.), and now that I’m in central NJ with my husband, you’ll find me wearing all sorts of hats: gardener, handy-woman, hiker, guitar-learner, sci-fi reader, knitter, writer…it’s safe to say I’m a learnaholic.

About Shattered Pencil Studios

Shattered Pencil Studios is a brand & marketing design boutique that helps their clients answer everyone’s burning question when confronted with their brand: “what’s in it for me?” 

Rosie Kosinski Brand Queen Shattered Pencil Studios

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