Be Merry and Avoid Annoying Marketing Ploys.

Kindess is the new Jolly

This Holiday Season, Be Merry and Avoid Annoying Marketing Ploys.

‘Tis the season for quiet reflection. Here are two simple questions you can ask yourself and your company:

Just because we can, should we?

Re-consider implementing trending marketing tactics that interrupt a user’s experience and associates your brand with “UGH.” Examples include:

  • 🚫 SMS messages along with calendar and email notifications…do people want your messages littering their social interactions via text?
  • 🚫 Gated content: requiring email opt-in or a social media share instead of letting your visitors freely enjoy your content.
  • 🚫 Advertising ‘live’ webinars that are clearly pre-recorded.

How can we be kind to our customers?

It’s a holiday season for some. For others, it’s not. Most people are currently missing someone. So consider extending these meaningful gestures:

  • 💜 “How are you?” – check in on a client, friend, or industry colleague you haven’t talked to in a while.
  • 💜 Give another business a shout-out. While every message seems to be inundated with sponsored mentions and product placement, you can take up a little marketing real estate to just send another business you admire some love.
  • 💜 Host a virtual get-together for your business, associates and clients. Although many of us are Zoom zonked, we are social beings who value inclusion and an opportunity to connect.

Our shout-out: CMIT Solutions of Morristown

Every week at our BNI Networking group, Jason Bosslett offers a relevant and important PSA. As the president of CMIT Solutions of Morristown, he knows what he’s talking about and this week, he notified us that scammers are retrieving sensitive personal information and SS numbers by posing as officials collecting information surrounding Covid-19.

Jason and his team provide fully managed IT services – they are your technology advisor and IT department!

Visit CMIT Solutions of Morristown to Learn More

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