How Does Your Business Address People’s “Feararchy”?

Fear, like all emotions, is a language. It offers us knowledge and understanding about ourselves and others — if we choose to accept it.

Psychologists believe that all the fears people experience are rooted in one of our 5 base fears.

For example, when I get nervous about public speaking, my real fear is twofold: separation from the tribe if I fail, and death of my ego (or pride) if I make a fool of myself. In turn, our businesses help people address their basic fears which lead to the “pain points” with which we are all familiar.

Here are some examples:

Assisted living environments help people feel more independent, while charities supporting those with limited resources address the same base fear of loss of autonomy

Bowling alleys provide a way for people to strengthen their tribe, ultimately dispelling the fear of not belonging. So do love coaches. And networking groups.

A martial arts program helps people feel confident in a threatening situation, while spiritual practices run the whole gamut from helping people being at peace with death, to feeling united with others, to letting go of their ego’s chatter.

Logo designs help alleviate the fear of being left behind (separation), give people pride in how they present themselves (ego), but also address loss of autonomy in a very real way. A successful brand equates to a flourishing business that will keep you and your family fed. Think about the base fear(s) your business services and products help alleviate.

What are the sub-fears that spring from that base fear? What do you discover?

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