5 Resolutions To Supercharge Your Business In 2022

(Crunchbase Feature)

My Upside colleagues and I chimed in on an article featured in Crunchbase, looking at 5 strategic resolutions that are high impact and stick.

Check out the full article, which features a resolution that I adopted mid-2021 and has truly revolutionized my life and made work-induced burnout a thing of the past:

5. Rethink ‘Manic Mondays’

It took Rosie Kosinski relatively little time to revolutionize her work experience by putting a curated spin on a popular scheduling blueprint. “I adapted a model in which most of the meetings and events take place on Monday and Tuesday, with these tapering off during the course of the week, replaced by creative, work and deliverables time. I’ve adjusted this to suit my rhythm and, in turn, it has affected every aspect of my work.”

The “Brand Queen” and owner of Shattered Pencil Studios adopted her new schedule incrementally over the course of a year. “It has given me more predictable deadlines, made time-blocking more effective, and increased productivity. It has also been curated to accommodate a healthier lifestyle with more breathing room, which feeds my brain and morale.”

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