One man’s noise is another man’s well-timed message.

I’ve been the leader of the complaint troop – Ugh! Marketing! More Noise! Who needs it?!

Well, today I had a humbling reminder. I was taking photos of the beautiful autumn leaves (below some results for your satisfaction), and I could hear the white noise of the highway in the distance. I could also hear intermittent lorries, beeps and an ambulance. That ambulance siren got me thinking:

In my own world, that ambulance siren created nothing but unwanted noise. In the world of the person inside that ambulance, Hope was on the way.

Every car adding to that constant stream of noise on the highway has a human in it, with a place to go and a story as to why they’re going there. I was inspired to reframe my old gripe that more marketing, like this little blog, was just adding noise to an already too-noisy world. But what if it’s just noise until someone needs it? Then it’s information. Suddenly it’s meaningful.

Your marketing will never be important to Everybody. But if you don’t get your message out, it will be important to absolutely Nobody.

Bottom line, if you’re worried about creating more noise, obviously get right about whether or not you have a valuable message to impart. If you DO, then by remaining silent and “not adding to the noise,” you are depriving the people that want and need to hear that story, that fact, that offer, and who would benefit from knowing about it.

Make your statement with the confidence that someone needs to hear it.

Go forth and spread your message. Yes, it will get caught up in the cyber-highway and become noise, but to the select few that you want to engage, it will be exactly what they needed.

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